Investment Services

Grow Grow Grow with Innovative Capital Solutions


We provide advisory services on acquisitions, disposals, fund raisings (incl. IPOs), mergers, and strategic reviews. We can help you assess the strategic fit of a business by evaluating potential synergies, project-managing the steps, assisting in negotiations and financial models, and in measuring transaction implications.


We help companies in identifying and improving value in uncertain and difficult times. We assist in corporate turnarounds by reinventing business plans and reallocating capital. We negotiate with stakeholders upon covenant breaches and insolvency.

Business Valuation & Modeling

We have a deep understanding of valuation principles and business models. We have the capability to build and improve business models to aid you in key strategic decisions. We carry out rigorous valuations to aid you in strategic acquisitions & divestitures.


We provide strategic advice to swiftly grow, prudently invest, and appropriately position start-ups & corporations in global marketplace. We help with carrying out market assessment, defining business strategy, devising new and innovative ways to compete, improving operational efficiency and conducting due diligence & synergy assessment.

Private Equity

We help investors make better deal decisions by performing due diligence, assessing performance improvement opportunities, providing a post-acquisition agenda and formulating an effective exit plan.

Real Estate

We provide provides property, portfolio and entity-level financing products, structured leases and comprehensive advisory services for our occupier clients. We create and execute solutions that maximize value, minimize costs and optimize the financial, accounting and tax implications associated with real estate transactions in order to improve company performance.

Why Capinnova Investments

  • Our professionals bring a structured approach to each and every assignment with a unique set of objectives, requiring specific priorities and designed to deliver the best results.
  • A personal, partner-led approach and long experience have taught us that an understanding of the structure and practices of any industry is critical to providing the best services you need to reach your goals.
  • We proud of our unique investment ideas and “out of the box” thinking. We partner with renowned institutions to test these ideas and work together with them to prepare a business plan/feasibility study.
  • We partner with investment bankers from around the globe and present them our ideas of enhancing value, or raising additional equity or debt.
  • We are prepared to work with our clients to seize market opportunities but our structured approach, including due diligence ensures sound decision making.